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NPK Energy

NPK Energy is a manufacturer and supplier of metal products in Russia and abroad.

Our two main areas allow us to cover the need of construction and installation organizations in rolled metal products, pipeline parts, pipes in insulation, products according to drawings and related products.

We solve complex problems in a short time and at a competitive price.

Our own developments such as piles in epoxy and zinc silicate coatings, analogues of ASME fittings and fasteners, several dozens of adapter and transition flange designs, pipeline flange parts, vibration inserts and compensators with stainless flanges, cyclone separators and many other features make «Energy» stand out against other suppliers and manufacturers.

The largest construction organizations are already working with «Energy» and their number continues to grow.

Our management system allows you to have comprehensive information about manufacturing and delivery deadlines, technical feasibility studies, certification, economics, accounting and logistics at any time by contacting your project manager.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to manufacture flange joints, including gaskets and fasteners, pipe supports and components, steel structures, equipment and pressure vessels, surface preparation and coating and insulation of tubular and other types of products.

We are the future in the world of metal products. Join the winning team.